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'Bog Bumper Emerging from the Moss' – Winner of the New Light Patron’s Choice Award 2023

Updated: May 30

Totally thrilled 'Bog Bumper Emerging From the Moss’ has been selected as a prize-winning artwork in this fantastic show. Thank you to Valeria Sykes for choosing it as the Patron’s Choice. Attending the Private View was brilliant and truly awe inspiring with the fabulous wealth of diversity, quality and creativity on show.

'Bog Bumper Emerging From the Moss’ is part of my mission to show true aspects of behaviour and interactions within the landscape, especially where birds are concerned.

Often heard but seldom seen, the name 'bog bumper’ is among many dialect aliases for the bittern and alludes to the male’s call during the breeding season. After many years of hearing them and always hoping to see one, last year I finally had a wonderful encounter with this normally secretive bird, and it was just magical. It stayed for quite a while, carefully making its way out from the reedbed, feet away from the hide, moving directly into view before flying off. Back in the studio working from lots of my own references and using the memory gleaned from observing the bird, the environment and the light, I was able to capture this patient cryptic fisher in paint.

Still pinching myself!


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