Born in Lincolnshire in the industrialised steel town of Scunthorpe, it was the more rural surrounding ponds, rivers and woodlands that I was drawn to as a youngster. Ever since I can remember I have had a fascination for nature and enjoyed drawing. However it would be much later in my life before the two interests of art and nature would combine in to one passion.  It wasn’t until I started studying scientific illustration that I really began to see the interaction between species and its environment and how that could play a significant part in my creative works. 

After graduating in scientific illustration in 1985, I worked as an illustrator specialising in portraying nature.  As well as illustrating, for over 25 years I enjoyed sharing my knowledge of drawing, painting, and fascination with nature as a lecturer in natural history illustration.  Now, I am a full time artist working in Lancashire.  My practice draws on a wide range of creative influences, and I derive inspiration from the wildlife and countryside of the UK and endangered species.  I am fascinated by the interplay of light, texture, and colour in intimate, frequently overlooked, features of the landscape.  My art continues to evolve as I explore artistic technique, and increase my understanding of nature in the landscape.

Throughout my career I have exhibited in many exhibitions both here in the UK and the USA, regularly winning awards for my work.  I am honoured to be a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists (USA). 

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